Getting out of Egypt

As I was reading my  Bible I again was impressed with the greatness of my God. Imagine being a slave in Egypt there is no possible way of escape, and there is no one who is coming to your  rescue. No country on the planet is able to deliver you! What a fearful thought and such utter hopelessness. I am sure that in the back of their minds some of them knew and where certain the Lord would deliver them. But HOW! and WHEN!. The God raises up Moses and he begins his great plan and finally the end where he will kill the first born. The story is one that thrill each time it is read. Oh to be there and to watch Pharaoh say “get out…leave” is it possible! can it be true that this day has finally come! Well it did come and they saw the greatness of God.

Today the average Christian lives in a type of Egypt. He faces some impossible situation. A situation that maybe they placed themselves there or maybe God put them there or it could be that maybe a situation has arose in your life and you find yourself there with no good explanation on how it happened.

There is hope. God is able to get you out of Egypt. Egypt can be a multitude of things. Debt, health issues, a broken heart, the list is endless but i think you get the idea.

What is the Egypt you face today? Does it seem bleak? Look up Christian,, there is a God who is still on the throne and he is able to help you when no one else can!

here are just a few things to remember.

1. Serve God while you are in Egypt

2. Serve God when he delivers you from your Egypt

3. Serve God even if he does not deliver you from Egypt. Remember many good and faithful servant died in Egypt waiting for God to deliver them

4. Remember where you came from and what the Lord brought you out of.

5. Dont develop a spirit of ingratitude after God leads you out. (Israel was guilty of this)

Lets live with a heart that knows God is able and we are waiting for his divine help and deliverence!

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