I’ll see you in the morning Robert

I received sad news last night that a dear friend had passed away. Robert Dobosh the owner of Bob’s Again Deli in Kearny has gone home to be with the Lord. I remember the first day I walked into Bobs store and ordered myself a Taylor ham and egg sandwich on a hard roll. He was friendly and kind, and we immediately became friends. Throughout that time we both worked to help each other. I ran errands and fixed broken pipes while he donated all kinds of goodies to the church.

Bob suffered from MS and it had taken its toll on him in many ways, it is true though that Bob did not take care of himself as he should have, and this only worked to end his life sooner. I had taken him to the hospital on many occasions and to numerous doctors visits. I remember one visit in Clara Maas Hospital when I was able to take the bible and explain to Bob Gods simple plan of salvation. There in that bed he trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour… Amen! It’s from that reality of our salvation that I can say “I’ll see you in the morning Robert” Someday on Resurrection morn I will see my friend.

Bob was a friend to me and there are some who did not like him, there were many that stole from him. From kids stealing candy bars, workers taking things that did not belong to them, and even from tenants who skipped out without paying the rent. All sad indeed. I guess we can look at the other side and see Bob leaves behind a pile of debt as well.

But Bob was not a freeloader! he worked from early dawn to late at night to make the money to keep the proverbial wolves away form the door.But in the end it wasn’t enough. No man worked harder and suffered more. I have seen healthy able bodied individuals not willing to pick up a stick and yet be looking for their free handout. He was a credit to the male race if just for his work ethic alone.

Bob like the rest of us was not perfect, and if he had regrets they were the estranged relationships with his children. He spoke of them often and he often wished there was more he would have done to be a better father. But I think I will drop this point right where it is and move on.

Bob never complained about his lot in life he was always upbeat and cheery. He would often joke about his debt dilemma and would nickname the store the Titanic. I would be discouraged and walk into the store only to be encouraged by his smile and gratitude

I will miss seeing him and his sense of humor the early Sunday morning paper, buttered roll and ice Tea. Arizona makes an Ice tea called the Arnold Palmer Bob nicknamed it the Tiger Woods Tea. Oh the stupid things we laugh at. It will forever in my mind be called by that name LOL.

Robert has finished his course and he is home with his Saviour now. I know I shall see him again one day and on that day he will walk normal and he will not be making any sandwiches. Heaven is a wonderful place and the older I get the more people I know are on the golden shore.

Do you know where you will spend eternity? If not would you please contact me or please read the page above on Heaven or Hell. There you can read about the salvation so freely given by a gracious and loving Saviour.

God Bless

Pastor Matt

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One response to “I’ll see you in the morning Robert

  1. “Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy,It does not boast,It is not proud.It does not dishonor others.It is not self seeking1Corthians 13:4-5. When you go through something that changes your world completely,you can turn to the one thing that won’t change;the lords love for you. I used to tell Bob when he was discouraged about certain indivuals that has hurt him
    Bob people will.disapoint you but lord Jesus will stand by yourside in your strongest and weakest moments.When I wld start to feel discouraged about thibgs in my life Bob wld say Mary Im just Happy to be alive. When I became stressed about the fincances of the store he wld be like Mary what debt.He always tried to keep the worring away from me , when deep inside i was drowning but holding on to his faith. I wld say Bob Im going to hold on real tight to that life jacket just incase but I wld say Lord Im trusting in you the way Bob does that you will keep our heads above this water.Now I have throw my life jacket to whomever needs it now.Even when I wanted to walk away from the stresses of life I was enduring.I knew Bob needed me and I guess at the time I didnt realise I needed him to show me through every dark moment there will be a bright one coming.Bob never gave up the hope that someday he would be good as new with strong legs and all.He smiled even when most would break down in cry.I did catch a few of them tears here and there.I wld tell him I love you and need you to get better.Now he is with my Lord and Savior in Heaven where I hope hes starring down at me knowing how much I valued him.I know his heart hurts for some injudices going on but I know a man of God will forgive.I will pray for those whom are not right with God.I will pray that Bobs death did not go in vein.Bob untell we meet again you will be missed.I will take the advice I used to give Bobdont sweat the little things and let God handle the big things. Your friend, …………………….. Mary

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